Quant Fintech Ltd. provides technology solutions to the financial market in Bangladesh. We have the know-how and experience to deliver the best of OMS as per the industry’s requirements. We provide cost-effective, efficient, and result-yielding services to Stock Market Brokers and Merchant Banks. Our professional and hardworking developers work dedicatedly to create something better every time with our projects.

Fix Integration Services

QFL software engineering professionals possess extensive expertise in the leading-edge technology stack specific to the securities industry, Including C++, Python, SQL, NOSQL etc.

• Business analysis of connectivity problems
• Development of the technical documentation, including vision, use cases, use case realizations, software architecture, fields mapping and specification documents
• Software development of FIX adapters to the APIs of proprietary systems
• Configuration management for QFL products
• Testing of FIX connectivity from the client’s OMS to FIX destinations
• Assisting in passing certification to exchanges and brokerages
• Performance related tuning of the environment
• Automation of the client’s on-boarding process for EMS, ATS and exchanges
• Development of FIX connectivity layers

Business Services

• Development of vision documents based on deep expertise gained in projects for the clients in the Bangladesh and emerging markets
• Assessment of the current level of efficiency of operations
• Assembling business requirements and development of project documentation

Technology Services

• Vision document development
• Existing infrastructure performance study
• Existing infrastructure fault tolerance and reliability study
• IT effort cost study
• Development of a technology change proposal based on business requirements and results of the studies

Other Expertise but is not limited to

• Market data feed
•OMS for equities, FX, fixed income, derivatives
• Brokerage solution
• Risk management
• Electronic trading
• Algorithmic trading
• Third party API integration
• Clients connectivity
• General workflow of trading life cycle
• Market structure in Bangladesh
• Compliance and regulation in Bangladesh
• Trade capture system (OMO)
• Asset management solutions
• Securities reference data management
• Research database management
• Collateral management system (DRS)
• Settlement operations automation